“Only once in the life”… every moment is fragile, warm, and bright.

Engaged in Sand Art Performance since May 2012. Enchanted by the impermanence expressed by Sand Art, Kisato had a dream of drawing pictures to capture a precious moment by fragile sands. Her dream has become stronger.

“I want to convey to Japanese people how fantastic the Sand Arts are, with potentialities of expression, visual beauty, and healing effects.” Kisato made up her mind to become a Sand Artist, leaving the company she had been working for.
Kisato has been holding Sand Art lessons at home since March 2013, as well as doing Sand Art Performances or movie creation in wedding ceremonies and company events.
In April 2014, Kisato founded “Japan Sand Art Performance Association ” with Masako Iimen and Kohei.

While Sand Art Performance is originally a form of art to draw a story in real time, Kisato specializes in a still and minute Sand Picture.
In art events, Kisato demonstrates how sands are made into a Sand Picture. Her Sand Picture, being evaluated as “minute”, is drawn without any tools but with her fingers and nails. Let’s follow her finger work with your eyes and enjoy the Sand Art creation process.

“Only once in the life”…
Videos on the web or television cannot deliver fascination of the Sand Art enough. You are encouraged to touch and feel the fragility, beauty, and warmth of sands.